Pakistan Desires

We embark from an unlikely place to think queer. We learn how queer thinking in such place might reflect, refract, even refuse our analytical habits around the term queer. With a cross-cutting interest in affects of language, location and be/longing, this on-going project invites reflection on what meanings adhere to queer in Pakistan or what might it mean to speak from here to queer discourse elsewhere. Both as a series of singular essays and a proposed edited volume, Pakistan Desires queries how desire emerges and transacts, turns abundant and acquires affective-political charge through forms of writing, art, image, sex, religious rituals and political participation in the context of Pakistan. The project follows two events, which I organized and that centered queer issues in relation to Pakistan: A panel at the 26th European Conference of South Asian Studies 2018 entitled Pakistan Desires: Queer Futurities of the Urban; and a 3-day symposium entitled Queer Futures: Politics/ Aesthetics/ Sexualities, which was held at LUMS in Lahore in March 2019.