Governing Religious Diversity

This is a collaborative project with Hansjörg Dilger and Dominik Mattes. In the framework of the research cluster Affective Societies, our project explores the affective dynamics of inclusion and exclusion, which arise from and are tied to the non/involvement of certain religious communities in official interreligious initiatives in Berlin. One part of the project (Mattes) examines the affective negotiations that processes of institutionalizing diversity entail, especially when it comes to establishing common sets of values and practices for diversely positioned groups. In my sub-project, I read across a Shia religious procession, a Sufi ritual of remembrance and an Ahmedi mosque community in Berlin to explore how those who are not part of official initiatives or dominant Muslim discourse might relate to inter and intra-religious diversity and how aspirations for public and political in/visibility manifests in their material, imaginal and discursive ways of being in the city.